Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Election fever!

May 13, 2009

This day is special to me for two reasons. One of them is that I am exercising my adult franchise for the first time in my life, of course other than my college elections. But the importance of this vote is that it is going to be judgemental in electing a representative for my constituency to lead the nation. When I think I own such a huge responsibility, I feel proud indeed. I understand most ppl dont agree with me here, but after all I am a firm believer of democracy.

Its not really a tough option to decide on whom to vote, atleast in the state of Tamilnadu. The political scene here is that there are only two major parties and one has to vote for one alliance to defeat the other. The politics here, I feel is mostly party driven than issue driven. Be it the Srilankan Tamil issue or the Hogannekal issue or the Krishna river issue or the SethuSamudram project issue, the parties here always believe in the stands they take for every issue, no matter how crucial it is. And the funny part is, these stands stand only till the next election dates are announced. Sometimes the extent to which they stress upon their stands kinda makes the issue itself a non issue. I have always found difficult to comprehend about the motive of our political parties - For what do they exist? Is it for doing good to people or is it just to fight out their ego clashes and gain political mileage on people's emotions?

Another point which I find extremely ridiculous about our parties is that almost all of them agree upon the fact that "Ideologies are different and Political alliances are different". In layman terms, it is like saying I believe in a certain set of principles but that doesnt mean I need to follow it. We have seen in the past the Congress aligning with the Communists, the DMK aligning with BJP, the MDMK aligning with DMK. Infact, I feel the only two alliances which have not been tried in our country is the Congress - BJP alliance and the DMK - ADMK alliance. I dont find anything sarcastic here because I feel in the ideologies perspective, atleast the BJP is more common with the Congress than the Communists. When Congress can succesfully complete a five year term with the Communists being a part of their coalition, why not let them align with BJP this time? The optimistic way of looking at this is atleast the nation would be at peace.

A couple of days back, I heard from a friend of mine that a group of people from a leading political party had come down to his house and sought votes. What was thrilling to me was that each of his family members who had the right to vote were offered a sum of money. If the candidate could shell a few thousand of cash for every family, my quantitative skills were up for a toss to find how much of money he has, to spend on the elections. What was even more surprising to me was the attitude my friend had towards this incident. He very righteously believed that it was after all the tax payers money and hence we all deserve to get a share outta it. What a lackadaisical attitude? I was saddened by the fact that our votes today are being sold for peanuts. If a highly educated Indian youth (read my friend) himself had this kinda outlook on the electoral system, I was not able to think about the poor illiterate voters. Where is our country heading to? Isnt this the heights of demonstrating how democracy is being insulted. The purpose of our system of governance is defeated here.

Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as "the Government of the people, by the people and for the people." With the way the election of today is being portrayed, I beg to differ from his definition of democracy by redefining today's Indian democracy as "the government OFF the people, BUY the people and FAR(from) the people." But it is in our hands to make sure that we give a status change to our country from India whining to India shining. Of course to achieve this, we need to take part, participate and make sure we make a difference.

PS: Inspite of this outburst, I still am a firm believer of democracy and most of us dont realise its effectiveness. One humble way of how we can improve the efficiency of our democracy is to cast our simple vote and make an impact in a powerful manner.

PPS: And yeah, the second reason why this day is special to me is that its been exactly an year since I left the lovely BITS campus. Miss you BITS!

Jai Hind!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Now, right now!

Am happy now, right now!
Leaving to Blore in a few hours..

Am happy now, right now!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I just realized that its been some time since I blogged.....
Looking forward to some serious random thoughts to fill the space soon....


Monday, February 25, 2008


Hi Guys

After a real long time,I am here back blogging.
Taking inspiration from a blogpost, I chose to write on this topic!!!

Writing the first word that comes to my mind when thought of an English alphabet is all this blog is about.


PS: It is real fun listing it down, do give it a try!!!

PPS: I wish I could change some of those words now.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

INDIA 2020!!!

14 days!!!27 matches!!!Millions of audience!!!Huge amount of entertainment!!!What a great time it has been!!!

2020 World cup,its called,the gonnabe most sought after version of cricket.

India,who were called the underdogs a fortnight back,have perfectly fought back.With the average age of a player under 25,came in the inexperienced Men in Blue to fight for the first edition of 2020 World cup cricket.In every match India was involved in,there has been some exciting drama associated.
Be it the only washout match of the tourney with Scotland,
or the controversial bowl out in the tie against Pakistan,
or the inspirational six sixers by Yuvraj with England,
or the semifinal qualifier versus South Africa to mark their pitiable exit,
or the penultimate match against the World Champions Australia causing their elimination,
or the phenomenal match with Pakistan,the most competitive finals the world has ever witnessed,
there has been some interesting news associated with every time they were on the field.

And there they stand as the jubilant victors,with the cup in their kits.There they are proving to the world that its the team work that matters.In every match,every other guy was performing and it was something new to Indian cricket.And it was all because on this team,there was hardly any pressure to clinch this cup of treasure.The tremendous trio(Sachin,Sourav and Dravid)were missing,but still we made it because each member had played committed cricket.Dhoni tasted little success as a wicketkeeper being involved in just one dismissal in the entire contest,but had exhibited to the globe his charismatic skills of captaincy.The exhilarating batting display and the disciplined bowling attack along with the acrobatic fielding(the fielders actually added 15 to 20 runs every match India has played) made it happen for India.It was this Indian team that proved that bowlers had a lot more responsibility in this version of the game than what is being portrayed by the so called lovers of cricket.Another interesting coincidence is that Pakistan's worldcup jinx with India continues with 2020 as well.

All in all,this is the golden era of the modern Indian cricket.They have done a remarkable job,atleast good enough to publish yet another book "INDIA 2020"(though in a completely different context than that written by our former President).
It has been a kickass victory but lets not overemphasize on this feat of theirs. Lets not crown them the kings when they are triumphant and not throw stones at them in their low times.Lets pray they continue this competitive playing spirit forever atleast justifying the time and money put in by millions of people like us.

May our team bring more laurels in the future!!!May we cherish this emphatic victory forever!!!

Chak de India!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Well,its been a while since I posted something.
So,lemme start blogging with some things I like,I thought.
And yeah,to write about one's likes and dislikes himself is very difficult,they say. I thought and started writing what all came to my mind in the past hour.
Well,here it goes......

I like cycling.
I like sarcastic sense of humour.
I like people who lie a little.
I like to be not lazy.
I like the versatility of the word "fcuk".
I like to know where I'll be 5 years from now.
I like to talk on anything.
I like little proud gals.
I like melody music.
I like to write the exams without preparation.
I like short naps.
I like mangoes.
I like to do night outs.
I like to watch any kinda movies.
I like to drive when the signal is red.
I like to know what my "she" thinks of me.
I like to make my parents happy.
I like to be nice to most people most of the time.
I like my confidence.
I like autowaalahs who ask for the right fares.
I like beaches.
I like to make the next grade by just crossing the cutoff.
I like to wear no spectacles.
I like text messaging.
I like all fattening tasty food.
I like hangovers.
I like bursting crackers.
I like to be with people.
I like to whistle in cinema theaters.
I like to play in the rain.
I like to bath with cold water.
I like to see Iraq back.
I like to fight for my rights.
I like the color black.
I like to click pics.
I like to lose arguments to my frenz.
I like half sleeve shirts.
I like bold lasses.
I like to be neat.
I like inquisitive people.
I like Friday afternoons.
I like snacks between meals.
I like window shopping.
I like my college.
I like that little sleep in the snooze gap.
I like Rahul Dravid.
I like boiled eggs.
I like diplomacy.
I like dance floors.
I like MS office.
I like the game of chess
and on and on......

Next time,I would write on a better topic if at all you dint LIKE this one.
After all,if everyone liked everything,this world would not exist.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Question o mania!!!

Hi guyz,
Here I am with my next attempt.
Here I present you a few questions which is intriguing me ...

  • Why Evergreen??
One is very careful about the best before date when he buys any damn thing be it small or big, right from Crocin to kerosene to Maruti Zen.Then,why is not there an expiry date to the Indian politicians alone??How come they alone are fresh till their end??Don't you think there should be a retirement age to them in politics as well??
Who is to be blamed for this???

  • Plain and Black
Most of us watched SuperStar Rajnikanth fight against the villain in eradicating the concept of black money in the recent movie "Sivaji-The BOSS".If the theme of this wonderful movie was this,then why were the tickets sold in black??
Can anyone think of an ans???

  • Boots and Roots
Everyone knows where shoes are to be worn and how important vegetables are for one's health(sometimes to be eaten even raw,for better consumption of minerals and vitamins).Then why are vegetables spread and sold in our muddy streets and shoes kept in wonderfully decorated glass designed showrooms??
Its an irony,isn't it??

  • What is injurious??
Be it the seller or the consumer or the Govt.which approves the selling of products like cigerattes,liquor.etc,everyone is aware that these are injurious things for one's health.Then what is the necessity or justification for the the phrase"Cigarette smoking/Alcohol consumption is injurious to health" being typed on each and every commodity of this kind??Is it of any use??
Don't you think this is a naamkewaas meaningless statement??

  • Why them alone??
Whenever there is a necessity of showing one's unhappiness on somebody else,why is he/she scolded as SOB or some other ***** word insulting his/her female relations(be it mother,sister or wife) alone???Don't males have any part,when it comes to showing one's dissent on??Or,is it because ,they are the weaker sex,so anything can be told on them???In a sarcastic sense,why is there not even 1%(leave alone 33%)reservation for men in this issue???
Any ideas ???

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